Adam Paull


Adam Paull is the founder, of ARMOR Industries, LLC, which operates as ARMOR Marine and Precision Weld Boats. He grew up in the beautiful San Juan Islands in Washington State where he developed his passion for boats and the water.

Adam brings real expertise in diesel engines and waterjet propulsion systems. As a Senior Engineer for John Deere he had the opportunity to design, develop, and implement world-class diesel engines for both off highway and marine applications. This is where he learned from the best, with the best tools, and adopted the core principles: Quality, Integrity, Innovation, and Commitment.

As a Sales Manager for HamiltonJet he developed expertise in waterjet application and facilitated hundreds of waterjet installations. Lastly, Adam worked at Mavrik Marine where he served as Technical Manager. At Mavrik he had the opportunity to work with a great team to start the build of a 130’ diesel waterjet fast ferry.

With a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Engineering from the prestigious Kettering University and nearly 20 years of technical engineering experience, Adam enjoys leveraging his engineering skills to build and innovate.

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Anne Paull


With a BS in Accounting and MBA from the University of Michigan, Anne Paull is responsible for the finance, accounting, and administration side of the business. With experience at multiple CPA firms and as a Senior Accountant at a large marketing company, she brings expertise to our accounting processes and systems to ensure the entire business runs smoothly.