Aluminum Landing Craft

Aluminum landing craft are the ultimate utility vessel. Their large, spacious decks and bow doors/loading ramp make them perfect for transporting everything from small vehicles to materials and personnel. The ability to beach themselves and operate efficiently in shallow waters offers much more flexibility than normal watercraft. Gone are the days of struggling to heave heavy supplies over the gunnel or squeezing them through a small side door — a landing craft’s large bow door vastly simplifies the process of moving supplies.

ARMOR Marine’s all-welded aluminum landing craft are built using commercial-grade aluminum alloy. A thick hull allows our boats to handle most bumps and scrapes along the way without worry. Additionally, our custom designs maximize bow door length and space on the deck. We understand that every mission is unique and no single boat is going to be perfect for everything, and that is why we offer fully customizable options and configurations for our boats. Contact us to discuss how we can arrange one of our landing craft’s for exactly what you need.

Aluminum landing crafts are used all over the world. Their relevance for most tasks showcases their amazing adaptability and importance in all industries. If you have a job on the water, chances are that a landing craft will be the perfect vessel for you. View our newest landing craft models below and contact us to get started on your landing craft today.

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What is a Landing craft?

Landing craft are specialized vessels that are designed to efficiently transport cargo, equipment, personnel, and materials across the water. Taking cargo from larger ships, offshore bases, or just across a small body of water, they are extremely versatile in their uses. Coming in all sizes and configurations, the bow door and its use to connect sea and land is what makes it a landing craft.

Originally being used for military operations in World War II, modern landing craft have become much more diverse in their applications. Distinctly different, they are adaptable and useful for almost any work done on the water.

Render of our 32' Aluminum Landing Craft
Our catamaran landing craft coasting through the water

Who uses Landing Craft?

As we mentioned before, aluminum landing craft are extremely versatile and are used for many different purposes. Today, most are used for commercial work, easily transporting necessary supplies, materials, and workers to a new location. However, they are also used for governmental applications such as emergency response search and rescue boats, marine research, and in the military.

Recreational users also find landing craft exceptionally useful. With enough space to easily fit a small vehicle such as an ATV or motorcycles, recreational users can bring their vehicles across the water to places that would normally be inaccessible. Additionally, being designed for beaching means that these craft are tough and give much easier beach access to places without a dock. ARMOR Marine’s landing craft are built with expert designs and high quality commercial grade aluminum to make sure your vessel will last a lifetime.

Why ARMOR Marine?

ARMOR Marine is dedicated to creating beautiful high quality boats. Whether we are making a small skiff, a sheriff patrol boat, or a commercial landing craft, we go above and beyond at every step along the way. Our boats are designed in-house by an expert engineer using the latest in naval design technology to elevate your experience on the water.

Using commercial grade 5086 aluminum allows for extremely strong welds and a boat that can take a beating. Our seasoned team of specialists knows exactly what it takes to make a boat last a lifetime.

ARMOR Marine is obsessed with your safety in the water. With our patented advancements in marine security, our virtually unsinkable boats offer safety and security for your peace of mind.

Our aluminum catamaran landing craft turning