Our Company

What is Armor Marine?

ARMOR Marine is a technology driven performance boat manufacturer dedicated to SAFETY, SECURITY, AND DEFENSE. We’ve developed and patented an open/non-closed, buoyant hull collar assembly, that is ideal for patrol, police, and tactical applications. We have also developed our own proprietary ballistics protection to work in conjunction with our patented design. ARMOR Marine is not your typical boat builder. We leverage cutting edge CAD and CNC technologies traditionally only used by large corporations (such as John Deere). Our in-house CAD tools and processes allow us to create more complex geometries with greater accuracy than our competitors. Further, our analytical tools take the guess work out of our designs.

Why Armor Marine?

The good guys have a tough job. Law enforcement officers and military service personnel put their lives on the line to protect us. Most of today’s land-based combat vehicles and even police patrol vehicles have ballistic armor packages.
However, most patrol boats today offer little to no protection from a ballistic threat. In fact, the majority of boats used today are either upfitted recreational boats or low sided rigid hull inflatable style boats. Neither offer any protection to even the smallest caliber threats. Furthermore, when sitting in an open body of water there is nowhere to hide.
In the past, ballistic protection for boats has been reserved for only the unlimited budget Navy or Federal Government Applications. With a patented design and proprietary ballistics, ARMOR Marine makes an unsinkable ballistically protected boat accessible.
The Eagle Harbor (Bainbridge Island) incident is a great example where a boat from ARMOR Marine could make a real difference.