Our Company

Who we are:

ARMOR Marine is a technology-driven boat manufacturer dedicated to creating a new quality standard in the marine industry. 

Our founder Adam Paull realized that most boats today are low quality. An experienced engineer by trade, he quickly saw flaws that were all too prevalent in the industry.

Whether it’s taking shortcuts on fabrication, using cheap materials, improper inspections, or a bad design, many boats are built to make a quick profit, not to last. This is where ARMOR Marine is different.

Our commitment to quality:

We prioritize quality in every step of our process. Starting with our original designs, we employ cutting-edge CAD tools and techniques that enable us to create more precise and complex designs than our competitors. This precision reduces errors during production while also accelerating the process. Before finalizing any of our designs, we use simulation software to assess factors like wind and water resistance, which eliminates any guesswork from the process.


Once our design team is finished, it gets passed off to our seasoned team of welders. Using high-quality commercial-grade aluminum means that our hulls remain much tougher after welding than cheaper materials.


We don’t cut corners. We build boats the way they should be. High-performing, virtually unsinkable, and built to last a lifetime.

Why choose ARMOR Marine:

ARMOR Marine’s focus on quality led to multiple patented and proprietary advancements in marine safety. Our proprietary buoyant open hull collar design combined with our developed NIJ III+ ballistic paneling creates extreme levels of safety.

Most patrol boats today offer little to no protection from ballistic threats. The majority of boats used today are either refitted recreational boats or low-sided RHIBs. Neither of these offers any protection if things start going wrong on the water. Our ARMOR series of boats has an extra tall ballistically protected gunnel for your safety. This technology allows room for officers to cover and be shielded from ballistic threats. ARMOR Marine focuses on protecting the most important part of your boat: the crew.

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