The ARMOR Difference

ARMOR Marine is not your typical boat builder. We leverage cutting-edge CAD and CNC technologies traditionally only used by large corporations (such as John Deere). Our in-house CAD tools and processes allow us to create more complex geometries with greater accuracy than our competitors. Further, our analytical tools take the guesswork out of our designs.

With multiple patented and proprietary advancements in marine safety, you can be sure your ARMOR boat is stable, safe, and built to last a lifetime.

New patrol boat rendering

Our Facility

ARMOR Marine is based in beautiful Anacortes, Washington. We recently moved into a large 16,000 square foot facility capable of manufacturing vessels up to 100′ long.

Enhanced by a 5-ton overhead crane and heated floors, this environment ensures that our skilled team can work with ease and efficiency throughout every season.

Our facility spans 100 feet in width and 160 feet in depth. The doors, measuring 30 feet in width and 40 feet in height, open up the possibility of building a wide range of projects – if it fits, we have the capacity to bring it to life!

Expert Designs

Our boats are designed to be exactly what the customer needs. Many other boat builders take shortcuts to try and produce cheaper boats by sacrificing quality. To us, cutting corners is not an option. Creating high-quality boats such as ours takes time, dedication, and experience. ARMOR Marine builds boats how you would want them built, every time.

Extensive research goes into each and every boat we design. Using cutting-edge CAD technology, our expert engineer carefully designs each boat to exceed every expectation.

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Premium Materials

“Built to last a lifetime” is more than just a phrase. It’s the truth. By primarily using commercial grade 5086 aluminum, our boats are stronger and more durable. 5086 aluminum alloy keeps its strength after welding much better than other common alloys. Other boat builders often use 5052 aluminum due to its much cheaper price, which leaves the boat weaker after welding.

ARMOR Marine is dedicated to creating the best boats possible. Spending extra on premium materials for a stronger boat is a no-brainer. We understand quality is the most important part of every product, which is why we spare no expense in creating the perfect boat for your needs.

Patented buoyant open hull collar

Our patented buoyant open hull collar design provides excellent reserve flotation. This efficient design provides extra stability and ensures your boat is virtually unsinkable. Our molded closed-cell foam-filled sides absorb minimal water. Compared to some other buoyancy foams that become waterlogged and unusable over time, our design creates a unique and durable buoyancy solution that reduces repair costs and lengthens the lifespan of the boat.

Lifecycle cost savings

Other reserve flotation techniques usually involve an inflatable or partially foam-filled collar. These tubes are susceptible to breaking and losing the extra flotation. Whether it breaks due to hitting an obstacle, extreme temperatures, or gunfire, it leaves your vessel and crew vulnerable. Additionally, these repair costs are extremely expensive, time-consuming, and mandatory.

Since our reserve flotation is made out of 100% foam and is located inside the ship, these issues are less likely to occur. This added protection helps keep you safe in the most dangerous conditions and potentially saves tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs over the lifetime of your boat.

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Ballistic Paneling

ARMOR Marine creates strong ballistic paneling capable of NIJ III+ and NIJ IV protection. This paneling can be integrated into our patented open hull collar to offer unparalleled protection. Combining these two technologies allows us to efficiently protect both the boat and the crew on it.

This is perfect for patrol boats who are looking for exceptional protection to keep their crew safe. These panels are available as an option on our ARMOR Series.

Check out videos of our ballistic paneling in action!