Sentinel Cabin 25 – Armor

High power, extra stable, remarkably nimble patrol boat

The perfect full cabin patrol boat that focuses on maneuverability and safety.

The Sentinel is a 25’ aluminum patrol boat that is expertly designed for patrolling rivers, lakes, and intercoastal tidal zones. This full-cabin jet boat offers a nimble and maneuverable platform that is more than capable of performing in minimal water. The Hamilton Jet HJ241 enables 60% backward thrust and 33% lateral thrust, ensuring the Sentinel excels in close-quarters maneuvers like rendering aid or boarding operations. The Sentinel also comes with no underwater appendages, which makes moving through a busy swimming hole, performing flood rescues, and assisting kayakers much safer than your average outboard boat. We prioritize safety and maneuverability in our patrol boats, and the Sentinel excels in both.

The Sentinel is part of ARMOR’s dedicated patrol boat line. A rigid buoyant design uses foam-filled sides to create reserve floatation, which makes the boat virtually unsinkable. Additionally, the Sentinel has further optional integrated ballistics protection that provides incredible safety for our boats. This patented technology is the ultimate safety feature and offers unparalleled protection. If you would like to learn more about our bullet-proof technology and how useful it can be in law enforcement or military situations,

Length Overall (LOA):25′
Beam Overall:8′-4″
Top Speed (Knots):38
Fuel Capacity:100 gallons
Deadrise:18 degrees
Power:500hp via Kodak 454 LSX
Propulsion:Hamilton Jet HJ241
Transmission:Direct Drive

Top Features:


  • Innovative rigid buoyant design using foam-filled sides create a virtually unsinkable vessel
  • All welded commercial grade 5086 aluminum hull is extremely tough and helps protect the boat and its crew
  • This patrol boat can be outfitted with our patented ballistic protection technology if deemed necessary to protect law enforcement agents

Expert Design

  • Unique double step chines and faceted sides provide extremely high levels of stability in every environment
  • Self-bailing decks ensure a dry working environment and a dry bilge
  • Full cabin offers comfort and protection from the elements while allowing a spacious deck and storage space


  • Waterjet propulsion with no underwater appendages, such as a propeller, means this aluminum patrol boat is safer for use in congested waters or rescue operations
  • The waterjet offers increased and lateral and reversing thrust (versus a propeller) to offer superior control over propeller applications
  • Makes patrolling busy waterways and search and rescue missions much safer and easier

Features & Options

Choose from a wide range of customizable elements, including navigation systems, cabin layouts, propulsion types, entertainment amenities, and hull designs.

  • PATENTED ARMOR Integrated Collar System
  • 1/4″ 5086 aluminum bottom plate
  • 1/4″ 5086 aluminum reinforcing center keel beaching plate – Making it 1/2″ thick up the middle!
  • 3/8″ 5086 aluminum center vertical keel with integrated bow eye
  • 1/4″ 5086 aluminum formed double step chines
  • 3/16″ 5086 aluminum side sheet transom
  • 3/16″ 5052 aluminum welded deck plate with non-skid surfaces
  • Welded self-bailing decks
  • Welded bottom strakes
  • All structural framing 5086 aluminum CNC cut plate
  • 5086 aluminum fuel tanks
  • Ergonomically designed helm
  • Starboard side helm station
  • Integrated footrest 
  • Ullman Dynamics suspension seats
  • Hydraulic helm steering
  • LED navigation lighting 
  • Locable stowage
  • Locking glovebox
  • Dual batteries with ACR
  • Fully customizable – see options
  • Full ballistic protection packages 
  • Custom electronics packages
  • Locking gun lockers 
  • Flir 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Tow post
  • Motor guard
  • Loiter power supply 
  • Generator 
  • Diesel heater 
  • Custom paint and decals 
  • Fully customizable
  • Tomar lights and siren packages