Aluminum Patrol Boats

Aluminum patrol boats are the definition of versatility and reliability on the water. Many government agencies use them to enforce maritime laws and regulations. When the stakes are this high, a quality boat is a necessity. These boats have spacious decks, sturdy construction, and exceptional maneuverability, making them the perfect option for water missions. From naval officers and sheriffs to park rangers and search and rescue teams, patrol boats give those with an important mission a way to safely and quickly operate on the water.

ARMOR Marine’s all-welded aluminum patrol boats are built using commercial-grade aluminum alloy. A thick durable hull allows our boats to handle most bumps and scrapes along the way, which is bound to happen when patrolling. An expert design maximizes comfort, usability, and stability to let you focus on more important things.

In addition to their exceptional features, ARMOR Marine also offers integrated ballistic protection on most of our patrol boats. This technology is the ultimate safety feature and offers unparalleled protection. If you would like to learn more about our bullet-proof technology and how useful it can be in law enforcement or military situations, view our page explaining it here.

Aluminum patrol boats have become increasingly popular among a wide range of organizations for countless applications. Their strength, efficiency, and maneuverability make them an ideal choice for your operations. View our newest patrol boat models below and contact us to get started on your custom patrol boat today.

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What are Patrol Boats?

Patrol boats, sometimes also known as police boats, are relatively small vessels designed for law enforcement, border security, search and rescue (SAR) missions, or general patrolling. Most patrol boats are owned and operated by governmental agencies. While there is not a specific size, most range from 20′-50′ long.

Given their demanding operational environments, these vessels must endure heavy use throughout the year. A well-built patrol boat not only ensures longevity but also contributes significantly to its lifelong performance and effectiveness. This makes durability is one of the most important qualities. High maneuverability for missions and comfort for the crew are also extremely important.

Our Sentinel aluminum patrol boat on the water
An aerial view of our aluminum patrol boat on the water

Who uses Patrol Boats?

As we mentioned before, patrol boats are mainly owned and operated by government agencies. The US Coast Guard is the most well-known, using their boats to keep us safe. Police departments, search and rescue organizations, and other military branches also use these versatile boats for operations. 

Common uses for patrol boats include responding to emergencies, conducting routine patrols, surveillance, support, and law enforcement. Each of these tasks is unique which is why ARMOR Marine offers fully customizable options on all of our boats. Contact us with what you’re looking for and we would love to help you build your perfect patrol boat.

Ballistic Protection

ARMOR Marine has patented technology to raise the bar for safety on the water. Our rigid buoyant design uses foam-filled sides to create reserve floatation, which makes the boat virtually unsinkable. Additionally, most of our patrol boats have further optional integrated ballistics protection that provides incredible safety. This technology is the ultimate safety feature and offers unparalleled protection.

Our propriety paneling is engineered to meet NIJ III+ and NIJ IV protection standards, making it an ideal choice for patrol boats demanding exceptional security. To delve deeper into the technical specifics, visit our dedicated page here.

Unlike many patrol boats with limited protection, our boats feature extended gunwales, providing officers with vital cover from incoming threats. By seamlessly integrating our rigid foam-filled technology with advanced ballistic paneling, we’ve elevated safety to a whole new level. Officers can confidently take refuge behind these gunwales, shielded from harm.

Above all, the safety of our officers is our top priority, and our cutting-edge technology is the ultimate solution to ensure their well-being.

An example of our proprietary ballistic protection technology
Our Sentinel patrol boat on the water with a line of trees in the background

Why ARMOR Marine?

ARMOR Marine is dedicated to creating beautiful high quality boats. Whether we are making a small skiff, a sheriff patrol boat, or a commercial landing craft, we go above and beyond at every step along the way. Our boats are designed in-house by an expert engineer using the latest in naval design technology to elevate your experience on the water.

Using commercial grade 5086 aluminum allows for extremely strong welds and a boat that can take a beating. Our seasoned team of specialists knows exactly what it takes to make a boat last a lifetime.

ARMOR Marine is obsessed with your safety in the water. With our patented advancements in marine security, our virtually unsinkable boats offer safety and security for your peace of mind.

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