Tatoosh 33

Offshore, extended range, walkaround cabin

33′ Walkaround Cabin Cruiser with Forward Berth

The Tatoosh performance walk around is built to excel. From 6 pack charter to patrol and utility applications the Tatoosh is a rugged platform designed to be quick, efficient, and comfortable. The deep deadrise, wide chines, and high sides enables comfort and safety in big waters. While the raised walkaround cabin gives a commanding 360 degree visibility  of the surrounding waters.  The forward berth, capable of sleeping two, or providing stowage for extra provisions and gear, sets the Tatoosh apart from competitive walkarounds and gives the vessel added functionality and comfort for extended time on water. Lastly, the performance transom configuration enables enhanced maneuverability, particularly in reversing operations, whether backing down on a tuna or gear.
Length Overall (LOA):33.5′
Beam Overall:11′
Top Speed (Knots):40+
Fuel Capacity:300 gallons
Static Draft, motors up:24″
Deadrise at Transom:20 degrees
Deadrise at entry42 degrees
Recomended Power:Twin 300-400hp outboard

Feature Overview

Expedition Ready

  • High sides, wide chines, and a deep deadrise prepare you for big water adventure.
  • Configurable berth arrangement allows a customizable interior that accommodates up to two people comfortably.
  • Extended 300+ mile range with a large fuel tank ensures you can easily reach your destination with minimal pauses to refuel.


  • Full walk around with port and starboard sliding doors gives easy 360-degree access to all sides of the boat.
  • Unique performance transom gives excellent reverse control.
  • Large scuppers and curtain deck drainage keep the decks clean and your feet dry.

Features & Options

Choose from a wide range of customizable elements, including navigation systems, cabin layouts, propulsion types, entertainment amenities, and hull designs.

  • Commercial Grade All Welded Aluminum Construction
  • 1/2” 5086 keel and transom
  • 1/4″ 5086 Bottom sheet
  • 1/4″ Beaching plate 
  • 1/4″ 5086 Chine
  • 3/16” 5086 sidesheets 
  • 3/16” 5052 deck and topsides
  • Soft patch for fuel tank access 
  • High visibility
  • Ergonomically optimized
  • Ease of maneuverability
  • Offset dual sliding doors 
  • Maximum ventilation with an abundance of sliding windows 
  • U shaped seating configuration
  • Forward berth
  • Optional forward head 
  • Overhead hand holds 
  • Custom configuration available
  • Fully customized outfitting available
  • Optional suspension seating 
  • Optional head 
  • Diesel heating 
  • Hydraulic helm