Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB)

Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB), also known as Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB), are rapidly gaining popularity among military and law enforcement agencies as the vessel of choice. Their unique design combines lightweight construction with high-performance capabilities that are second to none. RHIBs are defined by their unique inflatable air tube collar that is attached to a rigid hull bottom. These collars are usually made out of different types of polymers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

ARMOR Marine is partnering with de Villiers Design to bring their beautiful RHIB designs to life here in the United States. Based out of New Zealand, de Villiers Design has over 30 years experience designing high-quality RHIBs and yachts. Their boats are used all across New Zealand and have recently been built for government agencies in Canada as well. ARMOR Marine is proud to be de Villiers Design’s exclusive partner in the United States. Leveraging their mission-proven and reliable designs with our high-quality fabrication lets us bring you the best RHIBs possible.

Constructed with the same commercial-grade aluminum as our other boats, these RHIBs are fast, tough, and versatile. It’s easy to see why they’ve become the boat of choice for many important industries. Take a look at some of the designs we offer below! If you have any questions or want more information, contact us here.

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What is a RHIB?

Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats are the natural next step up from fully inflatable boats. By replacing their rubber bottoms with commercial-grade aluminum, all aspects of the boat are enhanced. Stronger, more durable, more reliable, and able to handle additional weight, these new RHIBs quickly became popular all around the world.

Being used for a variety of missions, they must also endure heavy use year-round. A well-built RHIB is a necessity to operate at full capacity time after time. With an inflatable collar reinforcing an already tough aluminum hull, it creates a design that lasts a lifetime.

de Villiers Design's all black RHIB on the water
de Villiers Design aluminum SAR RHIB

Who uses RHIBs?

RHIBs have diverse applications across a wide range of users. They have become a staple in military and defense operations that rely on them for coastal patrols, law enforcement, and search and rescue missions. This is due to their high speed, maneuverability, durability, and higher carrying capacity. Being able to hold a large number of people or materials makes RHIBs extremely valuable. Military operators also love the extreme stability in rougher waters that the design and collar provide.

Other than military and defense uses, RHIBs also excel in commercial and recreational tasks. Commercial operators use them as versatile workboats that help support offshore projects by easily transporting materials and personnel while being able to take a few bumps along the way. Recreational boaters love the stability and versatility they provide. Being able to quickly traverse the water in a virtually unsinkable boat lets operators focus on more important tasks along the way.

Do RHIBs need their collar?

Contrary to popular belief, RHIBs do not need the collar to float. The rigid hull design is inherently buoyant and all the extra buoyancy is purely for reserve flotation and for additional balance. This reserve flotation is so strong that is difficult to intentionally capsize a RHIB in normal conditions. 

The collar also helps protect against low-speed collisions and minor scrapes. It is fairly strong, but can still be punctured or damaged under extreme circumstances. This is why there are usually multiple air chambers to ensure that the whole collar doesn’t deflate at once.

de Villiers Design's all black RHIB on the water
Our Sentinel patrol boat on the water with a line of trees in the background

Why ARMOR Marine?

ARMOR Marine is dedicated to creating beautiful high quality boats. Whether we are making a small skiff, a sheriff patrol boat, or a commercial landing craft, we go above and beyond at every step along the way. Our boats are designed in-house by an expert engineer using the latest in naval design technology to elevate your experience on the water.

Using commercial grade 5086 aluminum allows for extremely strong welds and a boat that can take a beating. Our seasoned team of specialists knows exactly what it takes to make a boat last a lifetime.

ARMOR Marine is obsessed with your safety in the water. With our patented advancements in marine security, our virtually unsinkable boats offer safety and security for your peace of mind.

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