Aluminum Jet Boats

Aluminum jet boats are reliable boats that use a jet propulsion system. Powerful pump jets draw water from under the boat and forcefully shoot it through a nozzle, creating thrust. Jet boats can operate in only inches of water while still having smooth, efficient, and quick maneuverability. This leads to them being exceptional recreation and commercial vessels, capable of getting you to your destination quickly!

Aluminum jet boats serve a wide range of applications. Government agencies often use jet boats for emergency response missions, patrol operations, search and rescue missions, and marine research. Commercial operators love the quick transportation of personnel, equipment, and supplies. Recreational users enjoy the quick maneuverability and speed in watersports, high-speed boating, and through rivers or other shallow areas.

ARMOR Marine offers a wide range of custom low maintenance aluminum jet boats. We offer patrol boat models, commercial fishing models, and recreational models. Check out our current models below and contact us today to get started on your next boat!

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What are Jet Boats?

An aluminum jet boat is designed to take advantage of jet propulsion. This sets them apart from other traditional propeller-driven boats. Instead of relying on a propeller to propel the boat forward, jet boats use a powerful water jet system called a pump jet. This sucks in water from underneath the boat and forcefully ejects the water through a directional nozzle at high speeds, propelling the boat forward.

While jet boats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, jet propulsion is what makes them a jet boat. In the past, performance was sacrificed for the upsides of a jet boat, but today they are just as powerful as traditional propellor-driven boats. At speeds above 25 knots, well-designed jet boats are actually more efficient than propeller-driven boats due to zero appendage drag through the water. This makes them ideal for a wide variety of situations.

Our Hecate aluminum jet boat cruising through the water
An aerial view of our aluminum patrol boat on the water

How do Jet Boats work?

The pump jet draws the water from underneath the boat through an intake, before the water is forcefully expelled through a nozzle. By Newton’s third law, this backward force pushes the boat forward through the water quickly. By changing the direction of the nozzle, the operator can control the boat’s steering. Jet boats are remarkably maneuverable, being able to quickly change direction and come to a complete stop. In fact, they can steer so well that you can do a 180-degree turn purely through lateral thrust at almost a standstill. This is impossible in propeller-driven boats, where a similar turn could take upwards of 20 boat lengths to complete.

Waterjets can also provide up to 70% forward thrust as astern thrust. This makes reversing exceptionally easy, helping with tasks such as surveying, fishing, and mooring your boat.

Who uses aluminum jet boats?

Aluminum jet boats are used in most situations where conventional propellers are used. However, they are primarily used in passenger ferry services, transportation, search and rescue operations, coastguard and police patrols, fishing, survey applications, and pilot boats. River jet boats are also popular. These uses showcase jet boats’ exceptional versatility in every industry. Their high-speed maneuverability makes a jet boat the preferred choice for both professionals and boating enthusiasts alike.

Boaters looking to operate in shallow waters practically must use a jet boat. Whereas standard propeller-driven boats need at least a few feet to function properly, jet boats can operate perfectly in just inches of water. The lack of a propeller also makes them much safer in situations where there might be swimmers in the water, such as search and rescue operations.

Our pro aluminum jet boat takes off in the water, leaving a trail of water spraying behind
Our aluminum Taku jet boat turning through the water

How fast are jet boats?

Jet boats redefined the world of boating with their dynamic propulsion system. Unlike traditional boats that rely on propellers, jet boats employ high-speed water jets to surge forward. This helps deliver an amazing combination of power and precision. Modern-day jets also have greater efficiency at speeds over 25 knots compared to propeller boats. Aluminum jet boats are in use all over the world for everything imaginable. Whether it’s patrol boats, cruisers, riverboats, or large passenger ferries, jet boats are sought-after by a wide range of professionals and recreational users alike.

One of the most prominent features of jet boats is their impressive speed and agility. These boats have quick acceleration and remarkable top speeds along with unmatched maneuverability. In fact, jet boats are able to come to a full stop in little more than their own length with a maneuver called a “crash-stop”. What truly sets an aluminum jet boat apart is its ability to perform in shallow water. Unlike traditional propellers, the pump-jet system is able to efficiently operate in just inches of water. This makes jet boats perfect for shallow waters such as rivers. This adaptability is simply unmatched in traditional boats.

Why ARMOR Marine?

ARMOR Marine is dedicated to creating beautiful high quality boats. Whether we are making a small skiff, a sheriff patrol boat, or a commercial landing craft, we go above and beyond at every step along the way. Our boats are designed in-house by an expert engineer using the latest in naval design technology to elevate your experience on the water.

Using commercial grade 5086 aluminum allows for extremely strong welds and a boat that can take a beating. Our seasoned team of specialists knows exactly what it takes to make a boat last a lifetime.

ARMOR Marine is obsessed with your safety in the water. With our patented advancements in marine security, our virtually unsinkable boats offer safety and security for your peace of mind.

Our Sentinel patrol boat on the water with a line of trees in the background

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