Aluminum Work Boats

Your aluminum work boat has a job to do. You’re buying it to solve a problem, not to have fun… Okay, maybe to have a little bit of fun. We won’t tell.

Your work boat’s features should look different than a recreational boat. You should prioritize safety, reliability, and quality. ARMOR Marine focuses on these features to create an amazing boat that does the job with ease and is built to last a lifetime. 

Our boats spend more time in the water and less time in the shop due to their premium commercial-grade aluminum hull that helps protect against bumps and scrapes. Don’t let your job go uncompleted. Get the most reliable boats on the water with ARMOR Marine.

We outlined some common types of commercial boats below:

Landing Craft

Landing craft are the ultimate utility boats. A wide bow door with a ramp makes it simple to load up supplies, equipment, and personnel onto a large front deck space.

The durable bow door can easily handle rough beaching time and time again, making loading and unloading much easier, safer, and more efficient.

If you need to move something from point A to point B, a landing craft can’t be beat. They are so versatile that they have become the default boats among commercial users.

ARMOR Marine's landing craft work boat
An aerial view of our aluminum patrol boat on the water

River Transport / Jet Boats

If you are working on a river or on any shallow water, a jet boat will make your life much easier.

Jet boats were made for a river environment. Their pump jet can operate in just inches of water, making sure you never get stuck in the shallows.

Jets also are extremely quick and maneuverable, helping you navigate the winding river with ease. This also helps you get to your destination faster which saves you time and money.

Jet boats are much safer than their propeller-driven work boat counterparts. If someone falls overboard, you don’t have to worry about them getting injured by the propeller because jets don’t have a propeller at all. Safety for your employees is vital. Jets provide an extra layer of safety to protect your workers.

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General Work Boats and Skiffs

Sometimes your work boat doesn’t have one specific job, it does a little bit of everything. General maintenance on the water, transporting equipment, and patrolling are just some of the tasks your boat will handle.

In this case, you don’t want a highly specialized boat. You want something that will easily deal with every task you throw at it without breaking the bank on options you don’t need.

Center console boats and skiffs are extremely versatile vessels that are perfect for this kind of work. An open design gives them plenty of space to walk around on or store equipment.

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Our Blackfish aluminum center console boat sits calmly in the water while owner and CEO of ARMOR Marine stands at the center console
Our Sentinel patrol boat on the water with a line of trees in the background

Why ARMOR Marine?

ARMOR Marine is dedicated to creating beautiful high quality boats. Whether we are making a small skiff, a sheriff patrol boat, or aluminum work boats, we go above and beyond at every step along the way. Our boats are designed in-house by an expert engineer using the latest in naval design technology to elevate your experience on the water.

Using commercial grade 5086 aluminum allows for extremely strong welds and a boat that can take a beating. Our seasoned team of specialists knows exactly what it takes to make a boat last a lifetime.

ARMOR Marine is obsessed with your safety in the water. With our patented advancements in marine security, our virtually unsinkable boats offer safety and security for your peace of mind.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Let us know and we can help!

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Features and Equipped Options
  • Suzuki 150hp outboard
  • Single Axle Aluminum Tuff Trailer
  • SEADEK HD Commercial nonskid flooring
  • 3/16″ aluminum sidesheets, deck, and topside
  • Garmin chartplotter
  • VHF radio and antenna
  • Versatile design
  • Extremely durable
  • And more!

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